…have been reported through our Facebook page or the “Report a Sighting” system and a few more by phone or word of mouth. Eight sightings were reported from the east and west coast, from Ras al Khaimah to Abu Dhabi! You can view the sightings on our Sighting map. Among those reported, one possible finless porpoise and sadly an injured false killer whale, possibly hit by a propeller, in Dibba, Oman. It has been the first experience that proved how social networks can be useful in those situations. A team from Absolute Adventure was on the site and did great work in monitoring the animal for almost a full day. The animal was re-sighted the day after so hopefully it has recovered.  If you are interested in more great pictures visit Absolute Adventure on Facebook. False killer whales occur in the Indian Ocean and have also been reported in the Gulf. More information on this species are now on the project website. Even more worrying is the report of the stranding of a group of the same species not too far south on the Omani coast, three weeks ago and another dead dolphin in Abu Dhabi. Strandings are sad and stressful events and can involve many individuals at once. However, a stranded dolphin can provide invaluable scientific information. If you ever come across a dead dolphin, no matter how decomposed it looks please contact us!