….and they were very interested indeed! We have never seen so many attentive kids asking so many questions, what a joy! Mrs Sue runs the Green Club every Tuesday afternoon, an after school activity at DESS primary school attended by children from year 3 to year 6. It was with great pleasure that we took up her invitation to present the UAE Dolphin Project to her students on the 18th of February 2012.

We talked about dolphins and the fact that they are mammals like us but they adapted to live in aquatic environments, and what this implied for their evolution. We learned that dolphins do live not only in the sea but also in fresh waters like some species of river dolphins. The children were amazed to discover that there are also dolphins in Nepal! Most importantly we discuss the fact that dolphins are also in the coastal waters of Dubai  and Abu Dhabi and that everyone can see them if they pay attention when at sea! Kids also learned which species are more common in UAE, what are the characteristics that allow to recognise them and that they can now report their sightings on the UAE Dolphin Project website. Lots of things for 45 minutes!! I really hope to see them all soon for another exciting talk!